Will You Ever Be Normal?

Enough has been advised, commented and trolled. As marketers and advertisers, this is the golden age of opportunity. Enough of thinking out of the box. You now define whats the box.

Never have marketers been so lucky to use personal influence to improve brand value. With messaging across sectors focused on social distancing, the creatives are already a step ahead on leveraging this current scenario.

Marketers are shouting out loud to their CEOs - Don't ask me about data integrity! This is not bot-induced data, it is the best human data we could get and we need to act. Now! To anticipate, to predict, to analyse and to offer the best we can to stay milestones ahead of our competitors.

There's a new kid in town, everybody loves you, when you are not, we are not quoting the evergreen Eagles song. We are re-defining marketing for the new world order.

4 days @ Marketing Mania 2021 and you walk out like a rock star brimming with ideas, learnings, real case studies and the ammunition you need to fire out for the next 12 months and beyond.

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Trust in brands is at the lowest since the 1929 Great Depression. Add to it the new $100 billion Gen Z and Gen Alpha whose attention spans measure in seconds, thanks to the relentless flood of visual stimuli. Are you crazily scratching your head, because whatever you do, is not enough to understand rapidly evolving consumer habits?

Attend these courageous, crazy, thought-provoking, scintillating, and trend-setting keynotes that guarantee you wisdom, when you walk out of the room. They made a difference to their organizations with their sheer courage and resilient ideas. Attend these sessions to see what difference they can bring to yours.

Digital Everything

Guess what! Vehicles will be autonomous, with a click of a button you can change movie scripts, car test drives will be with ARVR experience, space shuttles will be the next taxis, drones will deliver pizzas and apparels, your running shoes will predict your death, bots and robots will perform your daily tasks. No, these are not prophecies, these are facts! And hold your breath, this is already happening!

Digital Everything will enlighten your grey cells with fast-moving and mind-boggling analytics, content stream-lining, predictability case studies, and much more, which we promise will create history!

At the crossroads

By 2022, profitability will replace customer experience as the CMO’s No. 1 strategic priority, reducing investment in marketing-funded CX programs by at least 25%”, as per a report by Gartner.

At the crossroads throws light on brands and companies, who went back the drawing table, re-invented themselves and flourished with stupendous results. Keeping customer centricity as their key focus, these mavericks demonstrated trust, ethics, loyalty, emotive messaging and integrity for the brand.

Revenge of the analogue

Revenge of the analogue Reducing footfalls in malls is the most worrying factor not just for mall owners but also for retailers. E-commerce and online shopping will continue to replace traditional brick and mortar stores. Loss prevention teams are holding marketers by their throats for their spending and meager ROI. At the same time, consumers are craving for hyper-personalized experiences, it’s not retail anymore, its retail-tainment!

This track will showcase purely proven case studies from across the globe, the ones who have mastered the art of story-telling, the ones who can narrate Arabian Nights without you falling asleep!




Co-Founder, Opaala

 “Even with all the safety precautions going on, it’s not overwhelming. Being able to connect with people on a personal level has been very good.” 

Namrata Raina

Marketing Manager, ITCAN

“This was the first time that we’re exhibiting at an event, so we were a bit skeptical, but we’ve had the complete assurance from the organizers that this will be a safe event, and we’ve witnessed it live. We’re quite happy with everything.”