The Go to digital guy for A-list celebrities (from Charlize Theron to Barack Obama) Silicon 60 Global Tech Entrepreneurs in UK The Drum’s Digerati List of Top 100 people in Digital in UK Fortune described him as the CNN of the street Cannes Lion winner, creator of the Fyre Festival documentary on Netflix Transformed Vice from a print magazine to a $6 billion largest youth agency in the world

Mark Adams

Sr. VP & Chief Innovation Officer,
Vice (UK)

Lead founder of “Weyay”, Kuwait’s first digital bank launched by National Bank of Kuwait

Aamir Fadhel

Deputy GM,
National Bank of Kuwait (Kuwait)

Forbes 30 under 40; An award-winning entrepreneur, investor, and creator, with a cumulative following of 18 million

Caspar Lee

Influencer.com (UK)

Internationally bestselling author and founder and CEO of the worlds most ‘free’ advertising agency, Freedm

Mimi Nicklin

Bestselling Author, Creative CEO,
Freedm (UAE)

Award-winning CEO and co-founder of Influencer.com, a global influencer marketing solution, which works with global brands such as Mars, Alibaba and P&G.

Ben Jeffries

Influencer.com (UK)

Having built an array of prestigious brands such as St Regis Hotel Group, The Ministry of AI, Canon and Jashanmal, scaled Mint Stalk to become one of the fastest growing digital agencies in only two years

Alyssa Al Maiahi

Founder & CEO,
Mint Stalk (UAE)

Partnered with the National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) on the launch of Weyay, the very first fully-digital bank in Kuwait, built from the ground up in just twelve months; Key clients include Samsung, Toyota, Qantas, Commonwealth Bank, Benetton, Google, Nestle, Australian and New Zealand Banking group, National Bank of Kuwait, National Rugby League, Wine Australia, Starlight Foundation, Telstra, Moncler, Unilever, Uber, Nike & IKEA

Rebecca Bezzina


Member of the UK Government All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) task force for the enterprise adoption of AI, Former advisor to Richard Branson/Virgin, NatWest/RBS, Accenture, PA Consulting, Orange, Arsenal Football Club, and Harrods. Launched a school AI programme, the Leaders of Tomorrow

Katie King

UK Government All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) task force, Author & CEO,
AI in Business (UK)